Tianjin Binhai New Area and Cangzhou Bohai New Area Cooperates to Build Tianjin-Hebei Economic Rising Zone
Source:China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone   Date:02/16/2017  

Recently, Binhai New Area and Cangzhou City signed a comprehensive collaborative development framework agreement to jointly promote regional synergistic development, optimize resources allocation, strengthen division of labor, and strengthen comprehensive docking cooperation in industries, transportation, ports, parks, tourism, agriculture and other areas, so as to achieve a healthy interaction between the two areas and achieve win-win cooperation. Specifically, the major policy of Binhai New Area extends to Cangzhou Bohai New Area in order to promote the construction of Tianjin-Hebei-Cangzhou Industry Transfer and Upgrading Demonstration Area.

Build "one body with two wings" economic rising zone

In accordance with the agreement, Binhai New Area will support Cangzhou to seek the opportunity to enjoy relevant policies in Binhai New Area. These two Areas will cooperate with Hebei Province to build a "one body with two wings" economic rising zone, and they will continue to deepen the cooperation between  Dongjiang Direct Sale Center of Import Products of Tianjin Free Trade Zone and Bonded Commodity Direct Sale Center of Bohai New Area, and jointly establish the Dongjiang Direct Sale Center of Import Products of Tianjin Free Trade Zone and Universal Shopping (Cangzhou) Experience Display Center of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone in Cangzhou.

Binhai New Area will take Cangzhou Industrial Transfer and Upgrading Demonstration Area as the key of Tianjin-Hebei Industrial Cooperation Demonstration Area, promote the gradient transfer of petrochemical industry, equipment manufacturing, automobile and spare parts, modern logistics and other related industries of Binhai New Area to the demonstration area, and strive to create a very influential Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Industrial Transfer and Upgrading Demonstration Area. The two new areas will jointly promote the policy exchange and mutual recognition of qualifications in terms of customs, maritime, inspection and quarantine and other aspects, so as to fully realize integrated customs clearance and check.

At the same time, the two sides will actively promote the comprehensive cooperation between Tianjin Port and Cangzhou Huanghua Port to realize the coordination and optimization of the supply of steel, oil, ore, coal and container, and strengthen the cooperation between Tianjin Port and Huanghua Port on bulk cargo business. The two new areas will complement each other in rationally distributing container routes, continuing to expand transit transport, and increasing two containers' throughput. They will jointly promote port infrastructure construction, press Tianjin and Hebei ports to speed up the acquisition of two multi-purpose berth processes of Huanghua Port, co-construct containers, automobile ro-ro terminal, tourism and other series of professional wharf, comprehensively consider navigation safety, and make overall arrangements on the central and western anchorage of Bohai Bay.

Study to cancel toll stations in junction area

According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly promote the construction of Binshi expressway, Bohai intercity railway and other projects, accelerate the construction of bottleneck roads and dead end roads such as Gongnong Avenue and coastal expressway, plan the construction of rail transit linking Binhai New Area and Bohai New Area, add passenger and cargo transport sites in Binhai New Area and key counties (districts) of Cangzhou, study the abolition of toll stations in junction area, establish a joint traffic accident management mechanism, and speed up the process of regional traffic integration.

The two new areas will also promote policy exchange, mutual recognition of qualifications and mutual trust supervision in terms of pension, medical care, education, science and technology, culture and other aspects, and support quality hospitals and schools of Binhai New Area to set up branches in Cangzhou. They need to actively optimize the tourism environment of the two places, integrate resources, products and routes, and explore revolution culture, blue ocean culture, martial arts acrobatics, ecological leisure culture and other themes, so as to jointly build regional tourism brand. Establishing tourism supervision and cooperation mechanism to achieve the integration of service standards and promote supervision integration.

In addition, on the basis of South Dagang Modern Agricultural Base in Cangzhou, the two sides will plan the construction of green agricultural sideline products supply base and urban leisure agriculture with the mode of agricultural companies + agricultural cooperatives + contract farming. The air pollution control information sharing platform will be built as well as cooperation in ecological wetland restoration, marine ecological protection and watershed management will be  strengthened. Besides, the two sides will regularly hold exchange training for outstanding cadres in economic management, trade finance, business investment, transportation, tourism development and other departments. Making use of Cangzhou’s advantages in human resources and Binhai New Area’s need for talents, cooperatively build Cangzhou Human Resources Supply Base.

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