Seven industrial-leading industries. In 2015, the added value of seven industrial-leading industries reached RMB 237.56 billion, increasing 12.6%, the rate of contribution to the city’s industrial economic growth reached 71.7%. Large strategic industry proportion was raised to 49.4%, high energy-consuming industry proportion was reduced to 40.2%, the proportion of strategic emerging industries exceeded high energy-consuming enterprises for the first time, marking a major breakthrough in the industrial structure adjustment of our city.

Automobile and Equipment Manufacturing: buses, cars, pickup trucks, new energy vehicles, etc.; engineering machinery, coal mining machinery, hydraulic machinery, textile machinery, rail transportation equipment, efficient electrical equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, etc.

Electronic Information: smart terminal (cell phone), a new generation of information and communication products, photovoltaic, new display, application electronic, information appliances, equipment of internet of things, etc.

Modern Food Manufacturing: frozen food, fast food, flour, grain and oil processing, beverage and fruit processing, dairy products, agricultural and sideline products processing, etc.

Brand Clothing and Home Supplies Manufacturing: textile and garment research and development, design and creative industries; furniture design and production, etc.

Biomedicine: diagnostic reagents, new vaccines and blood products, antibiotic BPC, modern Chinese medicine, biomedical engineering, etc.

New Materials: grinding materials and grinding tool, super-hard materials and products, new non-ferrous metal alloy materials, new refractories, new energy-saving environmental protection materials, etc.

Aluminum and Aluminum Intensive Processing: Aluminum end products.

Seven leading service industries. Giving priority to the development of modern service industry, accelerating the construction of “one hub and ten centers” (one hub: National Comprehensive Transport Hub; ten centers: National Modern Logistics Center, National Modern Business Center, National Culture and Animation Center, National Tourist Distributing Center and Destination City, Henan Cooperation Center of National Patent Review, National Modern Postal Communication Hub Center, China’s Regional Headquarters Economic Center, China’s Regional Financial Center, China’s Regional Exhibition Center, China’s Regional Medical Center), improving the leading positions of commerce, modern logistics, finance, creative cultural tourism, hi-tech services, real estate and public services, plan for development of e-commerce industry.

Zhengdong New District Financial Institution Layout

The Proportion of the Added Value of Seven Leading Service Industries in that of All Service Industry Enterprises