Zhengzhou downtown enjoys an advantageous location with convenient transport network, railways, highways and airlines, forming a three-dimensional transport system. Known as the center of national railways and high-speed rails, Zhengzhou boasts the largest train assembly station in Asia and China’s largest railway container shipping center. 


In 2016, 251 China-Europe International Shuttle Trains (Zhengzhou) operated with a total cargo value of 1.267 billion USD and a total cargo weight of 128,600 tons, radiating three quarters of China and 22 countries and 112 cities out of China. Balanced round trip of 3 trains per week from opposite direction has been realized.

High-speed Rails

The Zhengzhou-centered “two-hour high-speed rail economic circle” has covered a radius of 500 km, a population of 408 million and nearly one third of the economy. Zhengzhou is becoming a part of important traffic axis of radiating high-speed rails connecting with national rapid rail network. A Zhengzhou-centered development pattern connecting the south with north, east with west is taking shape to achieve a “two-hour high-speed rail economic circle” with a radius of 700 km and a population of 720 million.


Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport is one of China’s eight largest hub airports with 186 passenger routes, 34 whole cargo routes and 117 accessible domestic and international cities and regions. The “two-hour aviation circle” covers three quarters of China’s land area, about 90% of the total population and more than 95% of the economy. Zhengzhou Airport has become the largest cargo airport except for Shanghai Pudong, Guangzhou Baiyun and Shenzhen Baoan. International airlines basically form a hub airline network covering major cities in Europe, the United States, East Asia and Southeast Asia and connecting Dubai and Vancouver. In 2016, Zhengzhou Airport passenger throughput exceeded 20.76 million, cargo throughput reached 456,700 tons, passenger airlines operating regular routes amounted to 41 and cargo airlines were up to 21.

With the accelerated construction of airports and international land ports, Zhengzhou has formed a modern comprehensive transport and logistics system combining railways, highways and airlines and integrating zones and ports with multiple modes of transportation.