Dongjiang Delivers Its First Offshore Platform Lease of This Year
Source:China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone  Date:02/16/2017  

On February 13, 2017, Yantai CIMC Raffles held the naming and delivery ceremony of “Blue Whale One,” the world’s most advanced ultra-deep water double-rig semi-submersible drilling platform. It was Chinese shipbuilding companies’ first ultra-deep water “turnkey” project. The lease of this platform has been completed in Dongjiang Bonded Port.

The platform successfully won the Best Drilling Technology Award from the World Oil in 2014 and the Best Design Highlight Prize from the OTC in 2016. In particular, when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Chinese Equipment Manufacturing Industry Exposition in Brazil in May 2015, he had a close look at the model of “Blue Whale One” and thumbed up for it. Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port has a long-term cooperative relationship with Yantai CMIC Raffles. In the past five years, leasing companies have relied on Dongjiang Bonded Port to successfully perform the leasing businesses of several platforms manufactured by CMIC Raffles including Offshore Driller One, Offshore Oil 932, and CPOE 15. With continuous efforts to foster policies and functions, Dongjiang Bonded Port is propelling the innovative businesses in the marine industry. As of January 2017, Dongjiang had delivered the leasing businesses of 104 international navigation ships and 10 drilling platforms, with a marine asset up to USD 7 billion.

CIMC Raffles incorporated Frigstad D90 in the basic design of the project, and completed all the detailed designs, construction engineering, building and commissioning. The platform is equipped with the DP3 dynamic positioning system and meets the certification requirements of Det Norske Veritas. With a length of 117m, a width of 92.7m, and a height of 118m, this semi-submersible drilling platform features a maximum operating depth of 3,658m and a maximum drilling depth of 15,240m, both the world’s deepest so far. The platform is suitable for deep-sea operation across the world. Compared with traditional single rig platforms, Blue Whale One is better equipped with highly efficient double hydraulic rigs and Siemens closed-loop power system, capable of improving the working efficiency by 30% and saving fuel consumption by 10%.

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