Accelerate the Construction of the Zhengzhou District of China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Source:Zhengzhou Evening News   Date:02/07/2017  

From the Zhengzhou Evening News (by Sun Juan) that yesterday afternoon, Mayor Cheng Zhiming hosted the 59th executive meeting of the municipal government and listened to the report of the construction of the Zhengzhou District of China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. In principle, Some Opinions of the People’s Government of Zhengzhou Municipality about the Promotion of the Big Data Industry was passed.

On August 31 of last year, the Party Central Committee and the State Council decided to set up the Zhengzhou District of China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Ever since then, we accelerate such important work as designation of the scope of the Zhengzhou District, the preparation of scheme, the research of the innovation experiment research, and the preparation of the nameplate hanging and operation of the zone in accordance with the requirements of the State and the province.

According to the meeting, the construction of China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone is a rare opportunity for Zhengzhou. The Zhengzhou District shall realize the successful opening of the project, strive to build itself into the modern comprehensive transportation hub which serves the construction of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the fully-reformed and open experimental field and the inland open-type economic demonstration zone, fully utilize the advantages of multiple national strategies made for Zhengzhou, fully increase the influence upon the domestic market, integrate the resources at home and abroad, carry out the mission of leading the development of the central Henan urban agglomeration and supporting the rise of the central area, and speed up the construction of the national central city. 

The meeting requires that relevant functional departments shall, based on Zhengzhou, prepare and improve the implementation plan and relevant planning of the Zhengzhou District of China (Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone and conduct all kinds of preparatory work before the hanging of the nameplate of the project, and strive to walk ahead of other counterparts in the province. The departments at all levels shall clarify the mission, positively connect with specific work, make preceding researches, strengthen the study of new knowledge and concepts, make full efforts to support all kinds of work for the hanging out of the nameplate. They shall continue duplicating and promoting the work within the whole city surrounding the “28+6” successful experiences of Shanghai Free Trade Zone as well as the 19 kinds of successful experiences of free trade zones newly released by the State Council. They shall fully undertake the reform, experimental and innovative work, faithfully carry out the relevant plans of the province and the city, systemize, integrate, reform and improve work in the key fields, and establish the system innovation and evaluation index system in accordance with the national requirements and international standards. Further optimizing the approval procedures, promoting  the normalization, standardization and informationization of administrative examination and approval, thus to minimize administrative examination and approval items.They shall fully promote the comprehensive publicity and attracting of investment and introduction of projects, and make use of all kinds of platforms, medias and activities for promotion. They shall make the plan of globally attracting investment and promoting projects, increasing the capability of Zhengzhou to influence or lead the development of other regions, and strive to build the Zhengzhou District into the new benchmark for the inland free trade experimental areas which features the convenient investment and trade, perfect function of hubs, cluster of high-end industries, sound service system, high-efficient and convenient supervision and good legal environment and obvious effect of radiation and promotion.

The meeting in principle passed Some Opinions of the People’s Government of Zhengzhou Municipality about the Promotion of the Big Data Industry, pointing out that the acceleration of the big data industry is of important meaning to the stabilization of growth, promotion of reform, adjustment of structure, benefiting of people’s life and improvement of the governance of the government and its modern level. The Opinions mainly supports policies for the Longzi Lake Intelligent Island and the Hi-tech Zone Big Data Industrial Park with respect to optimization of the supply of land and houses within the park. It calls for the guidance for the development of the big data industry cluster and make it bigger and stronger. It encourages the support of funds, expansion of multiple investment and financing channels and satisfaction of the requirements for financing in the development of the big data industry. It calls for strengthening the introduction of professional talents to strongly support the big data industry.

The meeting also researched other topics.


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