Henan Provincial Commerce Department: Highlight the Characteristics of Henan and Speed up the Construction of Free Trade Zone
Source:www.people.com.cn   Date:02/08/2017  
Zhengzhou News from People.com.cn on February 8 by Xiao Yimu, "Doing business works in the new era requires the understanding of general development trend, conforming to objective laws and maintaining strategic strength." On the morning of February 7, 20

Zhengzhou News from People.com.cn on February 8 by Xiao Yimu, "Doing  business works in the new era requires the understanding of general development trend, conforming to objective laws and maintaining strategic strength." On the morning of February 7, 2017, Henan Business Conference was held in Zhengzhou. Center around the new situation, new problems and new challenges of business development in Henan, Jiao Jinmiao, Director of Henan Provincial Commerce Department, analyzed and interpreted Henan's business economy situation this year and made overall arrangements on the business works of Henan.

The conference began with the summary of Henan business works in 2016. In  spite of the complex and grim economic situation, the overall business of Henan Province was well developed in 2016: its import and export volume ranked the country's top ten for the first time, China (Henan)  Pilot Free Trade Zone was successfully constructed, Cross-border E-business Comprehensive Pilot Area was smoothly promoted, foreign cooperation reached a new height, e-commerce obtained further development, etc. Henan kicked a good start in the business development of the "13th Five Year Plan", providing a strong support for the province's economic development.

Adhere to the overall tone of making progress while ensuring stability

Jiao Jinmiao stressed that this year's business development in Henan needed to make progress while maintaining stability. "Henan should adhere to the overall tone and take improving the quality and efficiency of development as the core, promoting supply side structural reform as the main line, building open highland in the mainland as a guide, and reforming key business areas as the starting point to promote the construction of Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone and Cross-border E-commerce Area, do a good job in steady business growth, promoting reform, adjusting business structure, benefiting the people, and preventing risks, maintain the steady and healthy development of domestic and international trade and international economic cooperation, and better serve the province's overall economic and social development.

The goal of business work for Henan this year was  finalized at the conference: reaching the province's total retail sales of social consumer goods increase by 11%; remaining stability of trade in goods; service trade growing by 12%; cross-border electricity business turnover increasing by 25%; improving the quality and scale of actual use of foreign capital, making it the same of 2015; actual turnover of foreign capital rising by 7%; turnover of foreign contracted projects and labor services increasing by 8%; foreign direct investment remain stable; e-commerce transactions increasing by 28%; and online retail sales increasing by more than 30%.

The construction of Free Trade Zone should highlight the characteristics of Henan

On August 31, 2016,  Gao Hucheng, Minister of Ministry of Commerce,  officially announced the decision of building pilot free trade zones in Henan and other six provinces made by Central Party Committee and the State Council, required Henan to implement the requirement of the central authorities on accelerating the construction of modern three-dimensional transportation system and modern logistics system, and strive to build a modern integrated transport hub to serve the "One Belt One Road" Initiative. Since September last year, Henan Provincial Commerce Department and Henan Provincial Bureau of Trade and Industry have been revising and improving  the scope delineation and overall program of the province in accordance with national deployment, and reported the program to the Ministry of Commerce.

Jiao Jinmiao stressed that the priority should be given to the construction of the pilot free trade zone, which serves as the opening of the overall layout. The construction of the pilot free trade zone should highlight the characteristics of Henan, taking the development of the whole province into account, and promote construction with higher positions and wider vision. "At present, Henan province is reporting pilot zone consideration to the CPC Central Committee and State Council for consideration according to procedures. It is expected to be launched and listed for operation recently."

According to Jiao, enterprises in pilot free trade zone, whether they are small or large, domestic-funded or foreign-funded, or state-owned enterprises, will enjoy greater freedom of trade and investment convenience, which will surely attract a large number of Fortune 500 enterprises to settle there. The pilot zone also enables innovative and entrepreneurial people to enter the market more conveniently with lower cost, and better promote public entrepreneurship and innovation. "As the operation begins, the pilot zone will strive to attract 10,000 enterprises to settle here (including existing enterprises)."

In January 2016, Henan Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area was successfully approved to be established, becoming another national major development strategy of Henan. Over the past year, the province's vigorous cross-border electricity business covered the whole province. More and more traditional foreign trade enterprises and manufacturing enterprises carried out cross-border         e-business and continued to expand the variety of export products and overseas markets.

The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce promotes the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade in Henan as well as the development of export industrial clusters, drives the aviation economy and logistics express, and meets people's quality life and personalized consumer demand. "This year, the whole province will comprehensively promote the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area and build 30 provincial cross-border e-commerce business demonstration parks, 10 provincial training incubation bases, 10 provincial public overseas warehouses, and 5 upgrade foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, making its overall development level rank in the forefront of west and middle China," said Jiao.

Encourage market operators to register independent enterprises in Henan

At present, the situation of investment promotion has undergone major changes and entered the stage of re-innovation advantage. In this regard, Jiao Jinmiao said that the province need to encourage and guide social capital to participate in the establishment of industrial funds and open up new channels of investment and corporate financing. "Henan should implement corporate legal strength, encourage and guide market operators inside and outside the province to register independent legal entities, operate as independent legal entities, focus on the introduction of the financial industry, logistics, e-commerce, construction, PPP and other legal institutions, so as to retain business income, added value and taxes in Henan. "

In addition, Henan will host three major investment events this year: the 11th China (Henan) International Investment and Trade Fair (CIITF), 2017 Annual China Green Companies Meeting of China Entrepreneur Club, and 2017 Henan - Hong Kong and Macao Economic and Trade Exchanges.

The 11th CIITF will be held in Zhengzhou from March 29 to 31, which is the highest-profile, largest scale and most noted trade event held in Henan this year. It will set British as the guest country to highlight its internationalization. Around  30,000 domestic and foreign merchants will be invited to attend the event.

According to Jiao Jinmiao, "Henan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government attach great importance to CIITF and require Henan to build the event into a high-standard, large-scale, distinctive and effective economic and trade event. Currently, Henan has set up Organizing Committee Office, held a business project mobilization meeting, visited a number of well-known business associations and key high-level enterprises and sent out the guest invitation. Merchant invitation, project negotiation, exhibition organization and other preparatory works are in full swing."

Besides Henan will also host the Annual China Green Companies Meeting of China Entrepreneur Club this year, which is of great significance to promoting Henan's strategic cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and enhancing external influence. 

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