Land Agreed Transfer Disposal Audit in Land Use Approval Stage
Item Name Land Agreed Transfer Disposal Audit in Land Use Approval Stage
Rights and Liablities Item No.
Issuing Authority Land and Resources Bureau of Zhengzhou City
Service Subject
Implementing Basis 1. Law of Land Administration of the People’s Republic of China;
2. Interim Regulations of PRC Concerning the Assignment and Transfer of the Right to the Use of the State-owned Land in the Urban Areas;
3.Law of the People's Republic of China on Administration of the Urban Real Estate;
4.Urban and Rural Planning Approach of the People's Republic of China.
Application Condition
Application Materials 1. Application Form, Land Registration Recognizance;
2. State-owned Land Use Certificate or Land Registration Certificate;
3. Applicant’s valid identity document (business license, organization code certificate, legal representative certificate, legal representative ID card copy, etc.);
4. Authorized letter of attorney and copies of ID card of the trustor;
5. Surveying and delimitation figure (stamped with examination and approval stamp);
6. The receipts of parcel seizure and mortgage (Such as parcels have seizure and mortgage situations, it must be relieved or provide the views of party of seizure and mortgage);
7. Planning conditions issued by the planning department;
8. The precondition submissions of land selling of City Housing Authority (real estate project);
9. If the use is changed to the profit-oriented land, it needs to provide relevant government approval documents;
10. The view of not within the scope of safety control area issued by Zhengzhou City Land Use Planning Institute or Zhengzhou City National Security Bureau Examination and Approval Opinions on Construction Projects Involving National Security Matters provided by Zhengzhou City National Security Bureau;
11. Business counseling opinions (including the minutes of bureau meeting and examination meeting).
Transaction Procdure Acceptance—Checking—Settlement
Transaction Time Limit 30 days.
Implementing Authority Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government
Charge or not No
Fee Standard None
Fee Basis
Online Application or not No
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